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For Kevin this is a great opportunity to play with great, experienced players in the sport. He will be challenged to compete at a very high level which will assist in his personal development. The only way to get better and take your game to another level is to practice & compete against the best. Coach Stu Julius has been instrumental in providing Kevin with this chance on the Guelph Phoenix Sr. Men’s team and it is one that Kevin is relishing. The guys have been great mentors for him and have made it a very comfortable and competitive transition for him.
Bill Pangos

   Father of Kevin Pangos


A Game Hoops has created a system focused on the high level development of elite high school player s while giving accomplished players a venue to continue playing at a very high level.  Our men’s team selects the most promising junior players in the region. These junior players become team members.  These young players are thrown in the fire and develop unique basketball experiences they could only get playing with pro’s in the *A* Game system. We are very proud to be able to teach the game to these young kids the same way the European teams develop their juniors.

  • 49- 6  *A* Game Men’s Team vs. CIS teams over 4 seasons in real live games

  • 6-4 VS NCAA D1 Competition over two summers



  1. 8/07/2010    79-72        WIN      vs.    Kennesaw State

  2. 8/11/2010     75-70         LOSS    vs.  Kennesaw State

  3. 8/07/2011     78-60        LOSS    vs.    Murray State

  4. 8/15/2011     82-78         LOSS    vs.  Duquesne

  5. 8/17/2011     96-89         WIN      vs.    Duquesne

  6. 8/19/2011     91-87         LOSS    vs.    Bowling Green

  7. 8/21/2011     77-63         WIN      vs.  Bowling Green

  8. 8/17/2012     86-81        WIN      vs.    College of Charleston

  9. 8/18/2012     102-92     WIN      vs.    Tulsa

  10. 8/19/2012     81-71        WIN      vs.    Austin Peay




Mission Statement:

The *A* Game Men’s Development Team will pursue the development of future elite basketball players.


Development Goals:

– To become an integral part of  Youth Basketball Association and work together to assist in the development of both players and coaches.

– To integrate the young talent into the elite team system forcing a high level of development physically and emotionally through competing.

– To use the accomplished roster of elite players and coaches to compete at an elite level providing a strong example of skill development

– To provide an opportunity for coaching development with open practices and mentorship.

– To teach the young players the concepts and work ethic necessary to reach an elite skill level

– To represent the integrity and professionalism of *A* Game.


Action Plan:

Identify 10 highly successful male basketball players who have the experience and work ethic to develop the roots of elite skills within Canada. The Men’s team represents the club as the top level of development and exemplifies the organization’s goals and values. This is a developmental project that is transferable and implemented in any basketball development organization in Canada. There is no funding required for this program.

Practices will be open to the club and all its members providing regular clinics for the organization and its coaches. Practices will also be open to all players allowing the young athlete to see first hand the level of intensity and skill. They will also have the ability to speak to these athletes and obtain an understanding of the dedication and commitment that it takes to get to this level.

No matter how talented a young player is he will not understand his true potential until he plays with professional players  – Kyle Julius

Further developing the exceptional young player is a necessary component to competing at an elite level. *A* Game Hoops will select 5 -7 players annually who will be added to the men’s roster. The young men will become part of the team practices and afforded the opportunity to be exposed to real elite basketball first hand. They will compete with and learn from experienced players on a regular basis. This system has been effective in the European development of the elite basketball player. Players such as Jose Calderon, Andrea Bargnani, and Manu Ginobili are examples of this type of development.


The Men’s coaching staff (Stu Julius, Kyle Julius, Mike King, Nolan Shulman,) is constantly preparing a very rigorous schedule of competition against Division 1 NCAA teams as well as CIS teams and semi-pro teams. The  Men’s team players are all former National NCAA and Pro Basketball players with elite resumes.

A successful men’s program built on a high level of accomplishment and dedication is the next step in development for basketball in Canada and more importantly the province. A men’s team comprising accomplished athletes and coaches will not only illustrate basketball success and what it looks like, but it will also give club and high school programs a tangible goal to work towards and a clear and apparent sense of purpose.